Australia Day celebrations

The Kyogle News January 02

I will be conducting a West of the Range visit on Thursday 31 January 2002. For appointment and times, please contact my office on 66213624.

Australia Day celebrations

I had the pleasure of attending the Lismore, Casino and Mallanganee Australia Day festivities and I thoroughly enjoyed the day with the local community, as this is the biggest single event held each year. I believe Australia Day provides an opportunity to highlight and recognise achievements of individuals and organisations. It is also an occasion to reflect and appreciate our wonderful country; Australia.


The awesome contribution of our volunteer emergency service personnel throughout the current bushfire emergency has inspired the nation. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those who have given up their Christmas and New Year break to fight fires locally as well as to travel to other areas to fight extensive and persistent fires. I know many local crews have assisted. The community and Government owe a great debt of gratitude to our volunteers. I was honoured to attend an appreciation parade and BBQ to recognise the magnificent effort of our volunteers, where approximately 200 personnel from all agencies took part. Sadly though a number of them were called out before the day end to fight another outbreak in the Tabbimobil and Thompson Road in horrific conditions. Furthermore, we must also acknowledge and appreciate the efforts by employers, fellow employees and families who are left the run businesses and family enterprises whilst these volunteers undertake community service.

Facsimile machine

The electorate office has a Canon L900FX facsimile machine, in good working order to donate to a registered charitable organisation or to a locally based organisation. In order to give equal opportunity to all, I am calling for expressions of interest to put organisations' names into a lucky draw. Please telephone my office to notify your details before 5pm Tuesday 12 February, as the draw will be undertaken on Wednesday 13 February 2002 and I will notify the successful organisation on this day.

Wildlife Refuge declaration

The Minister for the Environment has informed me that he has recommended the Governor proclaim The Island Creek Wildlife Refuge. This is located 20 km north-east of Kyogle and contains Riparian rainforest in very good condition. It is habitat for a wide range of fauna including platypus, echidnas, antechinus and many different species of birds. I trust this is to the approval of constituents in this area. I would welcome any comments or feedback regarding this refuge.

Youth Week 2002

Preparations are underway for the largest celebration for young people: Youth Week 2002, which will run from April 7 to 14. I am hoping the State Government will provide grants to local organisations that have requested assistance for activities that have been organised in this area.

Churchill Fellowships 2003

The Churchill Trust is calling for Australians over 18 to apply to undertake an overseas study project that will enhance their usefulness to the Australian Community. Closing date is 29 February 2002 and further information can be obtained by contacting my office.

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