Urbenville/Woodenbong Senior Day Care 21st Anniversary

The Kyogle News November 03

Urbenville/Woodenbong Senior Day Care 21st Anniversary

It was my honour to be the special guest at these special 21st Birthday celebrations, held last month. I thoroughly enjoyed attending this important occasion and meeting with representatives that came from Casino, Kyogle, Bonalbo, Woodenbong, Urbenville and Killarney.

Churchill Memorial Trust

Applications have opened for the 2004 Churchill Fellowship program. Each year the Trust awards about 100 Fellowships, on average about $20,000 each. These awards are available to Australians 18 years and over for study travel overseas. No prescribed qualifications are required, however merit is the primary test, as is the desire to share the results of the Fellowship with the community. The closing date for applications is 29 February 2004. Australians striving for excellence, with an opportunity to investigate a project overseas, are encouraged to apply. Further information and application forms are available on the website www.churchilltrust.com.au or from my office.

2004 Seniors Week Grants & Achievement Awards

Applications have opened and grant applications are being sought from non-profit organisations, volunteer organisations, local government and community groups to assist the development and/or organisation of local Seniors Week projects. The Achievement Awards highlight and recognise NSW seniors for their contribution to the development of our community, for their leadership and for their initiative. The Awards specifically seek to recognise seniors who are continuing to make a significant contribution to the community. One individual and one organisation per NSW region will be awarded for their achievement in each of the following categories - Business Mentoring, Community Service & Volunteering, Education/Life-Long Learning, Environment/Science, Health & Well Being and Intergenerational Understanding. Application forms and more information on the grant guidelines are available from my Electorate Office and grants close 21 November 2003 with the achievement awards closing on 5 January 2004.

WorkCover Discussion Paper

WorkCover have released their findings of their review into the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme. To view the discussion paper go to www.workcover.nsw.gov.au, find the `What's New' section and click on the Review of the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme link.

Mobility Parking Scheme

From September 2003 the RTA will issue new style cards to all approved applicants. Changes have been made to the scheme to protect the interests of legitimate users. The most significant change is the introduction of a licence-style card that includes a photograph. The card includes security features similar to a driver's licence. It will play a key role in tackling the fraud that was associated with the previous system of paper permits.

NSW Sport & Recreation Grants

Applications have opened for NSW Sport & Recreation Country Athletes Scheme, Country Coaches & Officials Scheme and the Regional Sports Facility Program. The closing date for the Country Athletes and Country Coaches & Officials schemes is 31 December, whilst the Regional Sports Facility Program closes on 12 December. Guidelines and application forms are available from my office or the department website - www.dsr.nsw.gov.au.

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