The Nationals Welcome "Country Week" Campaign

The Kyogle News April 04

The Nationals Welcome "Country Week" Campaign

Recently I attended the launch of the Country Week campaign. It aims to get metropolitan industries, companies and individuals to consider a new life in country areas of the State. I encourage everyone from local Councils, businesses and community organisations to get behind the initiative. There are so many opportunities for this campaign to focus the minds of metropolitan residents and business on life outside the city has the potential to help stem one of the most pressing issues facing the nation - the population drift from the country to the city. The three-day "Country Week" Expo will be held at the Homebush Exhibition Centre on August 13, 14, and 15. I also encourage people to visit the Country Week website at

$45,065 for Sporting Organisations

Seven Lismore Electorate sporting organisations will certainly benefit from assistance announced recently under the 2003/2004 Capital Assistance Program. Many projects benefited with the local successful applicants:

$4,645 for the extension of courts and upgrading of fencing and lighting at Cawongla District Tennis and Recreation Centre

$3,000 for the upgrading completion of the junior playing field and improvements to the surface of existing fields at Nimbin Headers Sport Fields

$20,000 for the construction of an amenities block, canteen and storeroom at Crawford Square Park

$3,000 for the construction of cattle grid and concrete footpaths for easier access for disabled members at Casino Rifle Range

A Positive Day: The NSW Dairy Roundtable

The over arching cry from delegates at the NSW Nationals' Dairy Roundtable on 19 February was the need for a positive and united approach to the dairy industry's future. The Roundtable brought together more than 35 key industry players to discuss the difficult situation currently facing the NSW and Australian dairy industry, and what can be done to address these problems. The Roundtable unanimously agreed on the following resolution:

This Roundtable is committed to cooperation across the supply chain, and the growth of a domestically and internationally competitive, innovative and sustainable dairy industry.

We agree that the industry must work together to:

increase cooperation and communication across the supply chain

expand beyond traditional markets

increase transparency in pricing

pursue collective bargaining processes

tackle issues of innovation and value adding

reduce freight and input costs

respond to changing consumer demands

commit to animal health and biosecurity as absolute priorities

The Nationals are committed to taking this resolution forward with action and cooperation. For a copy of the Roundtable minutes, please contact my office.

Government sells 3 more NSW Ag Research Stations

It was revealed recently that the Carr Government has decided to sell off a further 3 Department of Agriculture Research Stations. There are: the highly respected sheep research unit, Shannon Vale field station on the eastern side of Glenn Innes, part of Pearces Creek field Station near Wollongbar and the Murwillumbah cattle tick station. Once the State looses research facilities like these, there's no way we will get it back.

Losing travel of legal gun owners and firearms

It has been revealed the Carr Government's register of legal gun owners and firearms is in disarray with no record of some supposedly "registered" weapons. Bob Carr can't even get paperwork done for legal gun owners, its no wonder criminals run rings around the government. I share the anger of legal gun owners who have found out that their weapons aren't registered, as they thought, all because the Carr Government's registry is incompetent.

2003 Election Anniversary

22 March 2004 was the first anniversary of the 2003 State Election and during the week it was the ninth anniversary of Carr's election to Government. Part of the reason the Carr Government has been under so much pressure is because of the teamwork, unity and discipline that is being shown by The Nationals and the Liberals.

Senior Card Local Business Directory

The new revised version of the 2004 Local Business Directory is available. Anyone who has not already received a copy direct, should contact my office.

Contact Details:

Office: 55 Carrington Street  LISMORE
Postal: PO Box 52  LISMORE  NSW  2480
Telephone: 1800 336 166 or 02 6621 3624
Facsimile: 02 6622 1403  Email:

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