The History of Brown & Hurley

Kyogle Newspaper June 2006

The History of Brown & Hurley

I am honoured to be asked to launch Jack Hurley's book on the history of Brown and Hurley. The Brown and Hurley business has long been a part of the Kyogle community, employing more than 230 people across all of its locations and selling multi-million dollars worth of trucks each year. The perseverance, hard work, foresight and business acumen shown by Brown and Hurley have been captured in the informative record by Jack Hurley and I recommend it to all interested in the history of this significant Australian transport business.

$364,000 available through 2006 National Volunteer Awards

A share of $364,000 is now available for community volunteers through the 2006 National Australia Bank Volunteer Awards program. The Awards recognise the essential work undertaken by volunteers and promotes, encourages and develops the role of volunteers in the community.

Eligible candidates for the awards must be able to demonstrate best practice volunteering, be a not-for-profit organisation, be able to showcase a project or activity that happened within Australia during the last twelve months and fit into one of the following categories; art and culture, community service and development, education and youth development, emergency and safety, environment and wildlife, health and wellbeing, and tourism, sport and recreation.

For those interested in nomination, application forms are available from my office.

Lismore Electorate Woman of the Year Database

I am currently seeking the contact details of any organisation or community group that wishes to be contacted regarding nominations for the Lismore Electorate Woman of the Year Awards when they occur again in 2007.

In the last two years, the time between the announcement of the awards and the closing date has been only a matter of a few weeks. I have previously written to women's groups advising them of the awards, and made mention of the awards in my columns, but believe some organisations may not have not been made aware of the event.

The awards honour women for the contribution to our communities. Any women can be nominated, such as a local teacher, nurse, businesswoman, author, community worker or a sportsperson.

Usually nominations open early in January and close by the end of the month. This year I would like to send information out by the end of November and am therefore seeking contact details for organisations that wish to be contacted at that time. Please contact my office if you would like your organisation to be included.

Reaching a Milestone: How to Arrange a Congratulatory Message

A 50th or 60th Wedding Anniversary or 90th or 100th Birthday are all significant milestones and can be celebrated with congratulatory messages from Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister, Governor-General, Premier, Governor and in some circumstances the Queen. If you or family members are commemorating any of these important milestones, please contact my office for further details about arranging for congratulatory messages.

Update on Justice of the Peace Reappointment's

The Attorney General's Department have provided an update on the new Justice of the Peace system and progress in regard to reappointments. To date, 34,000 existing New South Wales Justices of the Peace have successfully been reappointed.

The Department has set a closing date for remaining JP's who have not yet applied for reappointment of 31 August 2006. Applications made before this date will be processed up until 8 December 2006 when the appointment for existing JP's who have not reapplied will lapse. Reappointment forms are available from my office.

Assistance for Seniors - Clarifying the Benefits

My office is often approached by people wanting to apply for Senior's Cards. With several `Seniors Cards' on offer to members of the community, the following may help to clarify the guidelines for those interested in applying;

NSW Department of Ageing Seniors Card
To be eligible you must be; Working no more than 20 hours paid work per week
A permanent resident of NSW
60 years of age or over

The NSW Seniors Card is free and allows access to a range of discounts at participating local businesses. Application forms for the NSW Seniors Card are available from my office.

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
To qualify, you must: be an Australian resident, living in Australia, and have reached age pension age but do not qualify for Age Pension, and
have an annual income of: less than $50 000 (singles)
$80 000 (couples combined), or
$100 000 (couples combined who are separated due to ill health).
The limit is increased by $639.60 for each dependent child you care for.

The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card helps senior Australians with the cost of certain health and other services. Further information is available from Centrelink.

National Seniors Card
The National Seniors Card is offered by the Nationals Seniors Association Limited and is available to paying members of the Association. One year single membership costs $24 and is open only to people 50 years and over.

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