Mascot Access Must Stay


30 August 1999

Thomas George, Member for Lismore has joined the Hon Ian Armstrong, Shadow Minister for Regional Infrastructure, to co-ordinate a state-wide protest against proposals that would see regional commuter airlines banned from Mascot Airport and forced to land at Bankstown.

Mr Armstrong has sent a letter to all shire councils in rural and regional New South Wales seeking their support in the fight for continued guaranteed access to Mascot Airport for regional airlines.

Mr George slammed the NSW Tourism Task Force recommendation that regional airlines be forced out of Mascot and into Bankstown, labelling it as nonsense and unworkable and has called on councils and communities to join forces to reject the preposterous proposal, which must never be allowed to get off the ground.

"Both the Federal and NSW Governments must not be left in any doubt that denial of access to Mascot Airport by regional airlines will not be tolerated and is non-negotiable."

Mr George fears the vital transport needs of country people will be politically sacrificed by the Federal Government as it grapples with the politically sensitive Badgery's Creek Airport dilemma.

Mr George said the re-routing of regional airlines to Bankstown Airport would:

1. Place an unfair cost and inconvenience impost on country people.

2. Have a detrimental impact on opportunities for decentralisation of private enterprises and government departments.

3. Fail to recognise the importance of convenient airline interaction between Sydney and the bush.

4. Deny regional passengers the same rights to Mascot Airport as international visitors and interstate travellers. They must not be treated like second class citizens and shunted off to Bankstown.

"Regional and country airlines must be allowed to continue to land at Mascot and not be isolated from the mainstream air traffic", Mr George concluded.

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