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1st January 1999

The Member for Lismore, Thomas George today said the continuing crisis facing magistrates, particularly on the North Coast has again been highlighted by Magistrate Jeff Linden providing details of another sad case.

Magistrate Linden is crying out on behalf of the system for help and the Carr Government is ignoring the pleas.

"I am extremely disappointed that the Government is unwilling to give recognition and support to this most serious issue", Mr George said.

"This is a state-wide problem and particularly bad on the North Coast.

Matters of concern have been previously raised by Magistrate Linden - who has continually expressed his frustration at the lack of services for the mentally ill.

A Motion which was moved in May seeking -

That the House:

1. Notes with concern that courts are being forced to retain people with a mental illness in custody for up to six weeks because of a lack of access to psychiatric assessment and treatment.

2. Calls on the Carr Government to commit the necessary resources to ensure courts can access psychiatric services for people appearing before them.

The Carr Government in voting against the motion deprived resources to ensure that courts can access psychiatric services for the people appearing before them.

This is totally unacceptable and I call on the Minister for Health to address this issue immediately to avoid any further chapters in this continuing saga", Mr George concluded.

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