State Budget 1999


June 1999

Thomas George, Member for Lismore, tonight said he was disappointed with the Carr Government's 1999/2000 State Budget. However, the support for the Lismore Electorate was typical of most north eastern seats.

"I am particularly disappointed that promises made by Minister's and the candidate prior to the election have not been honoured," Mr George said.

Following a release by Mr George late last week calling on the Government to honour its pre-election promises, Mr Neville Newell, Member for Tweed answered by saying that the Carr Government would meet its commitment to regional NSW.

However, Mr George was delighted that the Lismore Drug & Alcohol Detoxification facility has been recognised by receiving $800,000 for this financial year and is due for completion by 2001 with an estimated overall cost of $2.8 million.

With respect to roads in the electorate a further $885,000 has been allocated for the Wiangaree deviation together with an additional $5 million to be spent on improvements to the Summerland Way between Grafton and the Queensland border.

"I am hoping that allocations listed as various locations will include Police patrol bicycles for Lismore, a new fire engine for Kyogle and new computer systems for SES," Mr George said.

Some projects that at first glance that have missed out on funding include -
 New Police Station at Lismore
 Fire Training Centre for Lismore

"Furthermore whilst I appreciate that I have only been the Member for two months, I can assure the Electorate that I will work tirelessly over the next twelve months to reinforce and highlight the important needs of the Lismore Electorate,"

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