Cattle Tick Decision


25 May 2000

The Carr Government and its so-called Country Labor faction has turned its back on NSW's 1800 dairy farmers and their dependent communities by refusing to debate the crisis facing the industry in NSW Parliament, Member for Lismore Thomas George said.

Mr George said the National Party called for urgent debate in Parliament on the impending crisis facing the dairy industry in just over four weeks when the industry fully deregulates.

"Despite Country Labor's rhetoric, their actions in Parliament proved they couldn't care less about dairy farmers and dairy communities," Mr George said.

"Each and every Member of the Country Labor faction voted with their feet, siding with the rest of the ALP to defeat an Opposition motion calling for urgent debate.

"The motion moved by National Party Member for Oxley, Andrew Stoner, called on the Parliament to:

1)    Note the latest estimates that up to 50 per cent of NSW dairy farmers could be forced to leave the industry following deregulation.

2)    Condemn the NSW Minister for Agriculture, Richard Amery's nonsensical suggestion that the Federal Government should re-regulate the NSW dairy industry after he deregulates it.

3)    Call on the NSW Government to provide a structural adjustment package for NSW dairy farmers, utilising Federal National Competition Policy payments, and similar to the assistance provided to other industries by the State."

Mr George said the State Budget provided no funds for a structural adjustment package which would allow dairy producers to continue to farm and contribute to their local economies

"It's time for Country Labor to put it's money where its mouth is. If Country Labor has an ounce of credibility, it will support the Coalition's amendment (for a structural adjustment price support package) to the forthcoming deregulation legislation that will be introduced soon by the Carr Government," Mr George said.

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