Area Health Funding


13 April 2000

Member for Lismore, Thomas George, has expressed concern for the hospitals and Health Service in the Lismore Electorate following the release yesterday of the report by Access Economics on behalf of the AMA.

"At the time of the announcement of extra funding I complimented the Minister for Health, Craig Knowles, however the report raises the following. Once the increase in wages, food, medication and treatment is taken into account indications are there is no real growth in funding to treat people waiting for elective surgery and medical care in our hospitals," Mr George stated.

"The report also highlighted concerns that the Northern Rivers Area Heath Service's emphasis was coming in on budget, therefore creating cuts to Casino Hospital as well as closures in Lismore.

"There is also concern for the intensive care and high dependency units; completely inadequate care beds and the consistent transfer of intubated patients to Queensland. Local attitude towards hospital is one of dissatisfaction," Mr George said.

In Parliament yesterday the Minister defended his extra funding announcement and totally rejected the report.

"Time will tell who is right and who is wrong. Unfortunately in the patient's case time is quality of life and that to me is the most important part of this debate," Mr George concluded.

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