Teachers Pay Dispute


27 January 2000

With school resuming today it is a disgrace that the Minister for Education, John Aquilina, has not resolved the teachers salary dispute, and therefore is allowing the new education year to commence under the threat of further class disruptions.

"This was not the way to start a new year, a new century and a new millennium for our young people," Mr George said.

Despite the fact that before the last State Election, John Aquilina had promised to sit down with teachers to discuss their salary position, he had refused to do so until the eleventh hour.

"For the past nine months, Mr Aquilina has refused to meet with teachers over salaries and has allowed a dark cloud to hang over the start of the new school year," he said.

"The State Government failed to approach teachers with a genuine offer and has refused to enter into meaningful negotiations.

"John Aquilina's actions have been deliberately provocative and indicate clearly that he has no vision for education in New South Wales.

"If Mr Aquilina was really serious about ensuring that students in New South Wales had access to the best educational opportunities possible, he would have met with teachers last year, instead of sending his Department's Director-General in to head the negotiations," Mr George said.

"The Minister's actions have resulted in industrial chaos in education and have undermined the credibility of public education.

"I am stunned that the Premier who claims to be the `Education' Premier has not shown an ounce of interest in trying to resolve the dispute.

"Premier Carr was happy to tour classrooms throughout the State before the election, but has failed to step in and stop industrial action at our schools from escalating.

"It is time Premier Carr took some real interest in ensuring that the new school year of the new century, does not begin amidst strike action," Mr George concluded.

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