Call for Woolworth's to Support Locals


20 September 2000

Member for Lismore, Thomas George, today echoed the sediments of Andrew Fraser, Member for Coffs Harbour in calling on Woolworths to decrease its profit margin to enable the quality local Norco product to compete on an equal basis with its generic brand.

"Woolworth's current purchasing regime means that processors are offering discounted milk to Woolworths at a cheaper price than the locally produced product.

"If local consumers start purchasing the discounted milk, this will have a severe affect on our Norco suppliers. Not only will we lose farmers as a result of deregulation but there is a real possibility that more local jobs will be a risk," Mr George stated.

Mr Fraser has sought Woolworths support in reducing its profit margins on Norco milk to allow it to compete, because the retail margin on milk has reportedly risen from 17 cents to 45 cents since deregulation.

"It is my belief that Woolworths have a corporate responsibility to ensure that action taken in the board room does not have an adverse affect on regional industries which contribute to local economies and therefore to Woolworths own well being," Mr George concluded.

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