Chemical Residue Testing Lab


30 March 2001

National Party Member for Lismore, Thomas George yesterday slammed the Minister for Agriculture, Richard Amery in Parliament for not recognising the importance of the Department's chemical residue testing laboratory located in Lismore, which is due to be transferred to Wollongbar later this year.

During debate in Parliament yesterday, regarding protecting Australia against an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, Mr Amery stated that there is not a laboratory in Lismore, only Wollongbar. However, later in the day he corrected himself and told the House it was only a fruit and vegetable lab.

"I am not surprised Mr Amery got his facts wrong because it seems someone is giving him misguided information as I have been advocating with his proposed changes to the tick policy," said Mr George.

"I am amazed that the Minister does not realise the importance of the lab in Lismore to the Australian meat industry and had the hide to say it was primarily used for fruit and vegetable testing. This lab services the main abattoirs in the region and has assisted during a number of crisis' over the year. It also recently won a major contract to conduct analytical residue tests on poultry, sheep, pigs and kangaroos.

"I have called on Mr Amery to keep the laboratory open in Lismore and apologise to the staff. I have also invited the Minister to inspect the facility to gain an appreciation of its contribution to the Australia meat industry," Mr George said.

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