Country Energy Proposal


1st March 2001

National Party Member for Lismore Thomas George believes that the announcement that the Carr Labor Government will proceed with a merger of NorthPower, Great Southern Energy and Advance Energy to form a new country based electricity distributor needs careful examination.

"The New South Wales Coalition has some very real and very serious concerns about the announcement the Premier has made today. When the 22 County Councils were merged to form the six State owned electricity retailers, some 2500 jobs were lost, mainly in rural and regional areas," said Mr George.

"The National Party will be seeking support in Parliament next week to refer this matter to Parliament's State Development Committee for further inquiry. I want a clear indication of the full impact of this merger on employment levels, service availability and maintenance levels in country New South Wales.

"I also call on the Premier to deliver a written guarantee to every existing customer of NorthPower, Great Southern Energy and Advance Energy assuring them that service levels and electricity supplies will be improved by this merger.

"There is already a significant concern in country areas about existing service levels and continual blackouts and brownouts.

"Country Energy has the potential to be a great asset for New South Wales. However, until such time that all details are made public, I have concerns about the proposal," Mr George concluded.

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