Take care for Christmas holidays


21 December 2001

38 people died on NSW roads during last year's Christmas holiday period and this year it is the responsibility of each and every driver to ensure that we avoid a repeat of that horrific period, National Party Member for Lismore, Thomas George, said today.

"The Christmas holidays are a notoriously bad time on NSW roads. Drivers are often tired, stressed and driving distances they are not quite used to," Mr George said.

"Moreover, there will be many more cars on the roads these holidays. Uncertainty overseas and in the domestic airline market means more people than ever before are choosing to take a driving holiday at home.

"Road safety must be the priority for all motorists and I would remind drivers to be conscious of speed limits and road conditions, take adequate rest breaks to avoid fatigue and be aware at all times of the actions of other drivers," Mr George said.

"Furthermore, a misconception exists in the minds of too many drivers who think they are immune to dangers resulting from factors such as speed and fatigue.

"There is no room for such complacency however, as a moments lapse in concentration can end in tragedy.

"Passengers also have an important role to play in monitoring driver behaviour and if necessary requesting that drivers have a break, or slow down

"I urge all drivers to drive responsibly on NSW roads this Christmas break and to take care at all times when behind the wheel," said Mr George.

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