Nationals to Focus on Aged Care


18 February 2003

The NSW Nationals in Government will tackle eight years of Sydney Labor's neglect of the issue of ageing in NSW, Thomas George, National Party Member for Lismore said today.

Thomas George said that in Government, the Liberal/National Coalition will establish a Ministry for Ageing that would be used to substantially upgrade the Government and private sector focus on ageing.

"The Greiner Government initiatives in aged care were largely destroyed by eight years of neglect under the Carr Labor Government.

"The Office of Ageing set up by the Greiner Government was decimated, and then absorbed into the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care," Thomas George said.

"A new Ministry for the Ageing will be established by the Coalition in Government, reflecting the fact that one in three people will be aged between 45 and 64 by the year 2011.

"The new Ministry will - Drive major new initiatives across the whole of Government to support positive ageing
Provide policy advice to Government on matters affecting older people
Work with Departments and the private sector to initiate policies and improve services and information for older people
Raise awareness of population ageing among business in the community
Keep the Government informed of the views of older people gathered through public consultation "No doubt Bob Carr will tell us again that it's all too expensive and that's why he has never done it in eight years.

"Well the Premier can save the rhetoric and spin.

"The cost will be minimal as the twenty full time positions within the Department of Ageing, Disability and Homecare will be transferred to the Ministry.

"This will be the most exciting driver for a major new focus on aged care that has occurred since Labor dropped ageing into the bottom drawer in 1995," Thomas George concluded.

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