8 September 2003

Concern over the rumoured replacement of CountryLink rail services with buses has prompted Member for Lismore, Thomas George, to call on the Minister for Transport Michael Costa to guarantee the retention of the Casino to Murwillumbah rail service.

Mr George said the IPART Ministerial Inquiry into Sustainable Transport in New South Wales reported the replacement of rail services with buses as a viable option.

"The report also notes that community sentiment favours the retention and even expansion of rail services," Mr George said.

"They obviously aren't listening to the people if their choice is to scrap a rail service that is widely supported by it's community."

"The Minister has previously accused the Opposition of scaremongering when we have mentioned the Government's plans to scrap the Casino to Murwillumbah rail line, yet he has mentioned this very option is his report."

"I call on the minister to publicly confirm that CountryLink services will be maintained on the Casino to Murwillumbah line," Mr George said.

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