26 September 2003

National Party Member for Lismore, Thomas George has been requested to provide comments on the draft of the Justices of the Peace Regulation 2003.

Mr George said today the Regulation is scheduled for introduction into the Spring sitting of the NSW Parliament.

I have been advised by the NSW Attorney General that the objects of the Regulation are to:
Set out additional criteria for appointment of persons as Justices of the Peace Prescribe requirements for the taking of oaths by Justices of the Peace Prescribe additional circumstances in which Justices may be removed from office Set out particulars to be included in the public register of Justices of the Peace Mr George said a copy of the Regulation and the Regulatory Impact Statement is available from his office upon request.

"Generally as I see it the new rules allow the removal of Justices of the Peace if they fail to take the oath of office, if they apply in writing to be removed, if the Minister is of the opinion that the person fails to carry out their duties properly or they are the subject of adverse findings in civil or criminal proceedings."

A register of Justices of the Peace is to be established which would contain the full name of the appointee, the suburb, town, postcode, and a phone number given by the JP to allow public contact. However, if the appointment relates solely to employment and the Department is notified, exclusion from the contact list can be granted. It is intended to allow the list to be circulated on the Internet.

Submissions may be made direct to Mr Laurie Glanfield, Director General, Attorney General's Department, GPO Box 6, Sydney, 2001 or by email to christina_valentine@agd.nsw.gov.au.

"However, as I have to provide comments by October 13, I would appreciate a copy of any submission.

"I would also like to have advice and feedback from the community as soon as it is possible," Mr George concluded.

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