Coalition Backs Lawn Bowls


19 February 2003

The NSW Nationals in Government would promote lawn bowling as a combined sporting/community health initiative, Nationals' Thomas George said today.

Lawn bowls is one of the most popular sports in NSW with 653 bowling clubs catering for nearly 90,000 players.

"This initiative is about the Nationals placing a high priority on programs that promote health through participation in sport.

"We recognise that bowling clubs provide a great opportunity to bring together local communities.

"Bowling is a healthy and challenging activity that can be enjoyed at many levels, from juniors through to senior citizens," Mr George said.

"There is certainly something to be said for making it easier for those members of the community, particularly seniors, to be involved in activities such as lawn bowls.

"Today's commitment will see $800,000 over 4 years for grants to clubs, to promote lawn bowling in their local community," said Mr George.

"This funding allocation will assist those clubs which are at risk of closing to attract new players, giving their own clubs a boost, as well as the local community.

"Another $140,000 will be allocated in sporting grants to help NSW lawn bowlers to prepare for Commonwealth Games 2006.

"Australia is riding high on a wave of recent sporting success and it is important that a diverse number of sporting organisations receive support and encouragement," Mr George said.

"A further $100,000 would be allocated to encourage clubs to achieve environmental excellence in terms of maintaining of bowling greens.

"This will enable clubs to apply for grants to install rainwater tanks, and implement water conservation measures, and reduce nutrient run-off.

"The Nationals understand the importance of bowling to local communities and in Government we will work with bowling clubs and school and sports organisations to promote and support bowling," Mr George said.

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