After 12 Years – Labor Continues To Drive Business Out Of NSW

20 November 2006

“The Iemma-Costa Labor Government can not claim NSW is ‘open for business’ when they are driving businesses in NSW broke by causing them to lose out to their interstate rivals due to the difference in payroll tax and workers compensation charges in NSW compared to Queensland”, according to the Member for Lismore, Thomas George.

Speaking in Parliament, Mr George called for business regulations to be cut immediately, saying businesses throughout the Lismore Electorate are consistently being edged out on major State Government contracts because they cannot afford to compete with their Queensland counterparts.

“I have spoken to several local businesses operators who are losing business to their Queensland rivals all because they are forced to contend with astronomical payroll tax and workers compensation charges.

“These include one local plastering company that was recently outbid for five lucrative State Government contracts by its Queensland competitors. In each case the difference between the two bids ranged between $67,000 and $13,277, which is the variance in Government charges paid as a result of being based in NSW.

“This is all because NSW businesses are clearly disadvantaged each year in payroll tax and workers compensation charges compared to their Queensland competitors.”

In Government, Mr George said the Liberal/Nationals Coalition will:
  • commit to slashing red tape and dramatically reducing payroll tax facing NSW businesses;
  • over a $262 million boost to business in 2007/08 through cutting payroll tax and encouraging businesses owners to reinvest in NSW;
  • Raise the tax free threshold on annual payrolls from $600,000 to $850,000, the Liberal/Nationals Coalition will also ensure 4,500 businesses across the state will pay no payroll tax at all;
  • Exempt business owners from having to pay workers compensation premiums for apprentices; and
  • Cut business regulation levels by 5 per cent each year in our first term in office.
“Business owners should not be penalised for choosing to be based and do business in NSW.

“These NSW charges are clearly wrong and unfair when the Iemma-Costa Labor Government awards major contracts to Queensland-based businesses to work on Government jobs in NSW”, Mr George concluded.

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