Northern Rivers Echo

23 November 2006

World Youth Day
I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak in the Parliament last week about World Youth Day which will be held in Sydney from 15 July to 20 July 2008. It is expected about half a million participants will take part in this wonderful event and that it will attract 125,000 international visitors. World Youth Day will also involve all the dioceses around Australia, under a project called the Days in the Dioceses. The Lismore Diocese has already started preparations for the organisation of this project. I am sure we will hear much more about it as we come closer to the event.

Important Toy Safety
Its that time of year again, when we put our minds to purchasing Christmas presents and in particular toys. Sadly in some instances, the very same toys that bring joy to young children are capable of causing injury due to poor design or improper use. Some of the more obvious signs are:

Small Parts - Check for any small parts on the toy that may pose a choking hazard.

Stuffed Toys - Avoid toys with weak seams.

Sharp Edges and Points - Always check toys for sharp, serrated edges or sharp points

Projectiles These items should have protective tips.

Pinch Points -Check there are adequate locking devices to prevent the toy collapsing.

Ventilation - Ensure the item has adequate ventilation, particularly if it is likely to be used outdoors in hot weather.

Toxicity -Labelling provides a guide when buying items such as paints, crayons or other toys containing gels and liquids.

Noise Producing Toys - Be wary of excessive noise levels, which could damage hearing.

Strangulation Hazards - Be wary when buying toys intended to be attached to a string, such as those used in cots and playpens.

Flotation Toys - These are not designed for life saving and are not substitute for competent supervision.

Age of Child - When purchasing toys it is important to consider the age of the child for whom you are buying. Most toys now carry age labelling and this is usually a reliable guide of the age group the toy will suit.

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