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21 November 2006

Kyogle Football Presentation
Further to my last column congratulating Kyogle’s Rugby League players, I would like to apologise to Simon Pederson, Group 1 Hooker of the Year whose name was inadvertently left out. Congratulations to Simon and the Kyogle Rugby League Football Club and its Committee on a great year.

Response to Rehab Centre Critics Since the Public Meeting regarding health services in Lismore I have copped some criticism from, Labor supporters, the Greens and now Peter Breen MLC. For the record, I went public about 12 months ago – but no one took much notice of what was happening. Dr Doe Bacon then joined my concerns and then the community started to respond.

The critics now also appear to be criticising the 110 medical practitioners and specialists, the Allied Services who are supporting the campaign, and the 4000 plus people who have signed the petitions in 2 weeks? Are all of these people wrong?

This is not about politics (ask Don Page MP). This is about fighting for our region to have the services available to the whole Northern Rivers that we need and rightly deserve.

I make no apologies for being part of this community campaign and as the MP for Lismore I am proud of the support we have received from Kyogle and areas West of the Range that rely on the existing rehab services for treatment.

The community and region can be assured that I will continue to seek a guarantee for the building of Stage 2 – the radiotherapy unit; and Stage 3 – the redevelopment of Lismore Base Hospital.

More Police
Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of meeting with Super Bruce Lyons, Lismore Mayor Merv King, Don Page MP, John Christopherson, General Manager of Ballina Council and representatives from the Workforce & Planning division of NSW Police, who were here to carry out a review of the Richmond Local Area Command in relation to police numbers. We were able to highlight and reinforce the need for extra police for the whole of the Command including Kyogle. The community can be assured that I will continue to make representations to seek the extra police required.

2006 Thomas George 2LM Charity Walk
A special thank you to all the walkers and your sponsors who participated in, and supported the 2006 Thomas George 2LM Charity Walk. The day was very successful and has raised more than $24,000 for local organisations, including North Coast Children’s Home (CASPA), Summerland Early Intervention, Wilson Park School and Jumbunna Early Intervention. Thank you again to those who helped make it such a success which will now assist in providing needs for these special people.

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