Rainwater Tank Rebate Read The Fine Print

04 July 2007

The Iemma Government has made a lot of noise about a $310 million Climate Change Fund, which includes the rainwater tank rebate, but as usual with this Labor Government, the devil is in the detail, said John Turner, Nationals Member for Myall Lakes.

“Presently rainwater tank rebates apply in some areas of NSW but far from the government paying for the rebates in these areas, the water authorities pay for it. And where do they get the money – from the water ratepayers of course.

“To initiate the Climate Change Fund the government had to introduce special legislation. Buried in that legislation is power to the government to regulate to require certain water utilities to make annual contributions to the Climate Change Fund.

“In short, there is provision for the Minister to call upon say Mid Coast Water to make a contribution to the Climate Change Fund, to fund the rainwater tank rebate scheme. This could ultimately lead to ratepayers paying for the scheme instead of the government”, said Mr Turner.

Mr Turner also said that the Government has repeatedly trumpeted the fact that rebates of up to $1,500 would be available after July 1st – but in order to qualify for this maximum rebate amount you need to purchase a tank that holds 7,000 litres or more, and connect it to your toilet and washing machine. Otherwise the rebate is $500.

“If you purchase a tank that holds 2,000 to 3,999 litres you will only receive a $150 rebate if you do not connect it to your toilet and washing machine - $1,150 if you do.

“Similarly, if you purchase a 4,000 – 6,999 litre tank you will get $400 - $1,400 if you connect it to your facilities.

“As usual this government has been less than up front on this whole matter”, said Mr Turner.

“You had better get in quick because another part of the legislation says the government can change or close the scheme down prior to 30 June 2009.

“That means technically they can close the scheme anytime between now and 30 June 2009”, said Mr Turner.

For further information and details on how you can apply for the rebate scheme– visit www.environment.nsw.gov.au/rebates or call 1300 361 967.

Dated 4 July 2007

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