Youth Driver Forum

Wednesday 22 November 2006

Statement by Thomas George MP, Member for Lismore

Congratulations to the Northern Star for organising this very important forum. I am unfortunately unable to attend today as I am required in Sydney for Parliament.

The issue of young drivers and appropriate training and restrictions have long been a major concern to me. As a result of community anxiety about young driver accidents, I have organised previous forums and State Parliamentary representatives to visit the area and meet with key organisations, stakeholders and individuals.

This includes a visit by previous Minister for Transport, the Hon. Carl Scully who met with student representatives from all local schools on the issue and a visit by Staysafe Committee Chairman, Paul Gibson MP who met with parents, local police and Principals.

Community concern about this issue is strong and has been presented to me in letters or at meetings and I have always made representations to the Minister concerned and the Staysafe Committee Chairman on behalf of local residents.

Points continually raised with me include;

Recently a further suggestion of a ‘Driver Watch’ program has been made by several people. (The idea being, drivers report unsafe driving to a central number.) The details of such a scheme would have to be carefully considered.

Following the recent tragic accident, I have been working proactively with the parents involved, schools, students and the police to find ways to make the road safer for young drivers and those preparing to get their L-plates. As the Member for Lismore I look forward to taking any recommendations or suggestions made today to the appropriate Ministers.

Thomas George MP
Member for Lismore

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