5 February 2009

Member for Lismore, Thomas George MP says he takes strong offence to Premier Nathan Rees’s description of constituents in Nationals’ electorates like Lismore as ‘spivs’.

Yesterday on ABC Radio, Premier Rees stated, “They [The Nationals] have shifted from being a genuine party that represents the interests of farmers and rural workers into an outfit that represents spivs along the coastline of NSW.”

“Premier Rees could not be more wrong about the character of the residents of the Lismore electorate,” Mr George said.

A quick glance at the dictionary shows a ‘spiv’ is either; One, usually unemployed, who lives by one's wits, One who shirks work or responsibility; a slacker, or, A smartly dressed man who makes a living by underhand dealings; black marketeer.

“I am offended that Premier Nathan Rees could imply the residents of the Lismore electorate generally meet one of these definitions, Mr George said.

“During recent floods, hailstorms and rural crises, Far North Coast residents have shown they are hard-working, community-minded, generous and honest.

“The people I meet every day care about one another and their community. They work very hard to provide employment and to look after their families. This is an insult to them.”

Mr George said he woke every day humbled by the opportunity to represent the wonderful people of the Lismore electorate and he encouraged the Premier to support the so-called ‘spivs’ rather than condemn them.

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