19 June 2009

A NSW Liberal/Nationals Government would implement a one off 15% across the board cut to payroll tax for the 2009/10 financial year, and slash an additional 5% from the payroll tax bill of those businesses in regions of high unemployment, NSW Nationals Member for Lismore, Thomas George, said today.

Furthermore, the NSW Liberal/Nationals announce a major boost in The Community Transport Program by doubling its funding by $12 million over four years.

“These commitments are about sending a strong message to businesses and families around the state that the NSW Liberal/Nationals are all about growing jobs, improving infrastructure and services and increasing the prosperity of our State.”

Mr George said regional NSW, including the Lismore Electorate, was doing it particularly tough under Labor.

“Our commitment to increase funding for The Community Transport Program will give vital community transport access across NSW to thousands of people in need who now miss out each year.”

“Whether it is help to get to appointments, visit family or access to local social services, The Community Transport Program is a vital program. That’s why we will make the program available to more people right across NSW to allow those with a disability, those in remote communities and our elderly to get around,” Mr George said.

Mr George said the Coalition’s announcement has strengthened its commitment to cut payroll tax.

“Labor seems to have missed the point that payroll tax is a tax on jobs,” Mr George said. A 20% payroll tax cut to those businesses in areas of high unemployment would stimulate their bottom line and help them retain staff in these uncertain times,” he said.

“On Tuesday, Labor delivered a Budget that guarantees unemployment of at least 8.5 percent. This is just not good enough. Labor has made NSW uncompetitive, and more families will suffer the pain of unemployment if the State Government continues to sit on the sidelines and watch our jobs move interstate, or disappear altogether,” he said.

“Our proposed payroll tax cuts would inject $77 million back into the economy through businesses, which would allow them to keep workers on during the economic downturn,” Mr George said.

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