30 October 2009

Funding totalling $97,500 has be allocated to Councils in the Lismore Electorate to fight the spread of noxious weeds, said Nationals Member for Lismore, Thomas George, MP.

Mr George said the noxious weeds grants are allocated annually to local councils and other weed control authorities to enable them to carry out specific activities above and beyond their normal weed control programs.

“Noxious weeds are an important and costly issue for the agricultural sector and our economy as a whole,” Mr George said.

“There are more than 100 individual weeds threatening more than 200 plant and animal species in New South Wales.

“The funding allocations assist local control authorities fulfill their obligations under Noxious Weeds Act with funding used to finance noxious weed control campaigns, help combat new weed incursions before they get a foothold, and administer education and training programs, said Mr George.

“This year’s noxious weeds grants for the Lismore Electorate include:

In addition the local control authorities, which are in, or partly in my electorate may also be participating in regional group projects, administrative support and high priority projects funded through Regional Weeds Advisory Committees, as listed below;

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Authorised by Thomas George MP. Funded using Parliamentary entitlements.