20 November 2009

The Nationals Member for Lismore Thomas George has used Skin Cancer Awareness Week to remind residents of the Lismore electorate it is vital to protect themselves from the dangers of the sun.

The annual Cancer Council campaign aims to educate the community about the dangers of skin cancer, in the particular, melanoma and send out the message, as temperatures soar, that sun protection is essential for Australians.

Mr George said residents of the Lismore electorate are at high-risk of damaging their skin.

“The Northern Rivers has the highest rate of skin cancer NSW,” Mr George said.

“Residents of rural NSW face a particularly harsh climate and need to be vigilant in protecting their skin from the sun and minimising the risk of developing skin cancer.”

Mr George said that skin cancer is the fourth most common cancer in Australia despite it being preventable.

“Sadly 10,000 Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer each year and approximately 1,250 deaths occur from skin cancer each year.”

“This cancer can be prevented by avoiding sun exposure during the hottest part of the day 10am to 3pm, avoiding tanning salons and wearing sunscreen and protective clothing.”

“Protective clothing includes a hat, sunglasses and a shirt which can protect the body from the sun.”

“There are groups who face a higher risk such as those with pale skin or who have family members who have had skin cancer.”

“But living in rural NSW with the harsh climate we face, I would recommend all residents consider covering up in order to minimise the risk of skin cancer.”

Mr George said that skin spots and irregular freckles and moles, which are large or uneven in colour and have a disfigured or changing shape should be checked regularly by a doctor.

More information about skin cancer can be found on the NSW Cancer Council website or by phoning the Cancer Council on 13 11 20.

Contact Details:

Office: 55 Carrington Street  LISMORE
Postal: PO Box 52  LISMORE  NSW  2480
Telephone: 1800 336 166 or 02 6621 3624
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