Autumn 2009

Northern Rivers Business Magazine

Autumn 2009

Murwillumbah Chamber of Commerce
At last month’s Murwillumbah Chamber of Commerce breakfast I enjoyed hearing from a variety of speakers regarding business issues in the Murwillumbah area. Amongst the speaker’s were Len Parkes, Head Teacher of Automotive, Murwillumbah TAFE Campus.

It was an excellent opportunity for local businesses to find out about the importance of links between training and employment. I encourage all businesses to take part in the services offered by their local Chamber especially as business conditions become more challenging.

Keeping Local Business Competitive
As a representative of an electorate bordering Queensland, I know only too well the challenges faced by Northern NSW small businesses trying to compete with lower payroll taxes over the border in Queensland. I am therefore a very strong supporter of a proposal by the NSW Liberal/National Coalition to cut NSW payroll tax by 15 per cent.

In the face of global financial conditions, local small businesses are in need of a competitive edge. The proposal for a 15 per cent cut in payroll tax for 2009, is a practical way to ease the pressures for NSW’s businesses and their employees. It is widely acknowledged that lowering taxes is one way to make NSW more attractive for investment, especially where businesses operate close to the border.

A typical NSW business faces payroll tax bills 13 per cent higher than the national average and a 15 per cent across-the-board cut would reduce NSW’s effective payroll tax rate to 4.89 per cent making it one of the lowest in the nation. This kind of cut would certainly help protect jobs and the families that rely on them.

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