September 2008

Northern Rivers Business Magazine

September 2008

There is much more to a successful business than a great cup of coffee! I was reminded of this during the Pollies for Small Business program when I spent time last month at the Escape Coffee Lounge in Murwillumbah and Café 29 Downtown in Lismore.

Small business owners are expected to not only have the right products and services, but must also be human resource managers, customer service specialists, tax collectors, marketers, and OH&S experts.

Having been a small business owner, I know how tough it can be keeping up with every one of these roles. In small operations there are limited resources and certainly the business owner must find the time to make sure they are satisfying their customers, staff and legal obligations. Regulators like the State Government need to understand the extent of theses challenges and find ways to make it easier for small businesses to operate, not harder!

In border regions like the Far North Coast the task can be even further complicated by different payroll tax regimes. Many small businesses in the north of my electorate raise their concerns with me about their inability to compete with lower payroll tax rates across the border in Queensland.

The Pollies for Small Business program gives me and the 83 other State and Federal representatives who have taken part a chance to refresh themselves with the day to day trials of running a small business and the challenges such as the one above.

I look forward to taking part in the program each year and thank local businesses for continuing to host ‘pollies’ like myself each year.

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