Summer 2009

Northern Rivers Business Magazine

Summer 2009

NSW Labor should take up Coalition economic plan

A new independent report confirms what North Coast small business operators already know: Economically speaking, New South Wale is the worst performing state in Australia.

The CommSec study Economics: State of the States analysed the performance of all States and territories across eight key indicators over the past decade.

When assessed on its economic growth, home building starts and construction work over the past 10 years – NSW is the worst performing of all States and territories.

According to the report, the NSW economy has been “held back by weak construction activity”, with home building starts over the last financial year falling to the lowest levels in 56 years.

This hasn’t happened by accident: it is down to incompetent economic management by the the Rees Labor Government and its predecessors.

That is why the NSW Liberals & Nationals are calling on the Government to implement our plans to restore the State’s economy and bring hope and pride back to NSW.

We need to cut payroll tax by 15% for this financial year – with an added 5% cut for areas of high unemployment like the North Coast. This would enable businesses to keep people in their jobs.

Establishing Infrastructure NSW would restore business confidence by ensuring every infrastructure project that is announced, is actually delivered.

We also need to end the Government’s ongoing campaign of job and service cuts to regional New South Wales, particularly in our hospitals.

Every time NSW Labor sacks another nurse or hospital employee, that is one less pay packet circulating in our local economy.

Deborah & I, together with Karen, Bronwyn & Christine extend Season Greetings for a safe, happy and holy Christmas. I trust everyone will be blessed with good health in 2010.

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