June 2009

The Kyogle Newspaper

June 2009

Keep Our Cops: Policing the Local Community

Last week I had the opportunity to sign the “Keep Our Cops” Campaign petition. The petition outlines the NSW Opposition’s support for our local Police force and emphasizes the need for them to be well paid for the duties they undertake protecting our community.

Far too often when I speak with community members they express their frustration at the failure of the Rees State Labor Government to provide NSW Police with the resources and support they need to protect our regional communities. It is a minority who are responsible for committing a majority of crime and Police simply do not have the resources and powers to tackle all crimes. It is essential that we return to Police the power to protect our community by giving them support and resources.

The NSW Liberal/Nationals Coalition has been aware for some time of the expiration of the current police wages agreement in the middle of this year and unfortunately the current NSW Labor Government has not made support for the police force a priority. After 14 years Rees’ team is out of touch and has the wrong priorities.

I urge the Kyogle community to get involved and convey their support by signing the petition as well. The petition can be found at www.keepourcops.org.au

Opening of the New Kyogle Fire Station

Plans to open the new Fire Station in Bloore Street on Thursday 21 May had to be deferred due to the impending flood. The official opening was to be conducted by The Minister for Emergency Services, Steve Whan, who still visited the Northern Rivers on the day when he assessed the situation first hand and met with the SES, Police, Mayors, Local Government representatives and myself. I congratulate the SES on its quick action in implementing procedures in readiness for severe weather and potential natural disasters. The region certainly has had it fair share of hardship in this regard over recent years and I was pleased that the Minister saw fit to visit the area so quickly on this occasion. At the time that this column goes to print it is too soon for an indication to be given as to if a natural disaster declaration will be necessary in this instance.

I look forward to a new date being set for the official opening of the new Fire Station and hope to be able to join the community in celebrating this special event.

Regional Achievement and Community Awards

Nominations are now open for the NSW regional Achievement and Community Awards, which celebrate those doing good deeds in our local community.

If you know of someone who is worthy of recognition I encourage you to contact my office and get a copy of the nomination form. There are six categories of awards this year including, the Department of Lands Crown Reserve Trust Awards and Community of the Year Award, the Department of State and Regional Development, the Environment and Landcare Award and the Regional Service Award.

An active and vibrant community like Kyogle has many people worthy of recognition and these awards are an excellent opportunity to provide encouragement and acknowledgement of these achievers.

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