May 2009

The Kyogle Newspaper

May 2009

Livestock, Health and Pest Authority (LH&PA) Petition Released
As a result of Landholders across the Lismore electorate being hit with a stark increase in their LH&PA stock rates bills, on top of the pest insect levy, the NSW Liberal/Nationals have launched a petition calling for an immediate moratorium on rates. The Petition also calls for the $14 million locust levy to be changed from a loan into a grant.

In my view, there should be a much fairer basis for calculating rates and they should be capped within the inflation rate. Premier Rees said prior to the restructure of the LH&PA that there was not likely to be an increase in rates to farmers. This has certainly not been the feedback I have received from farmers to date.

Whilst I am hoping to present the Petition to Parliament as soon as possible, I welcome anyone who wishes to assist in collecting signatures to contact my office directly for a copy.

The NSW Liberal/Nationals will continue to put pressure on NSW Labor to ensure there are no additional and unnecessary costs passed onto our farmers and that they receive the services they deserve under the new LH&PA.

Copies of the petition are available from my office at 55 Carrington Street, Lismore or by ringing 66213624.

Reaching a Milestone: How to Arrange a Congratulatory Message
A 50th or 60th Wedding Anniversary or 90th or 100th Birthday are all significant milestones and can be celebrated with congratulatory messages from Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister, Governor-General, Premier, Governor and in some circumstances the Queen. If you or family members are commemorating any of these important milestones, please contact my office for further details about arranging for congratulatory messages.

Kyogle Constituents Days
I regularly hold constituent interviews in Kyogle for those unable to visit the Electorate office. If you would like to arrange an interview in regards to a State Government matter when I am next in Kyogle please contact my office and one of my friendly staff will help arrange a date and time for you to meet with me.

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