27 May 2011

Members of the RTA SpeedBlitz Blues squad are visiting Lismore High School to teach students about the importance of slowing down on the roads.

The event is on Monday 30 May and is part of the ongoing RTA SpeedBlitz Blues On the Road program.

NSW players Peter Nevill and Joe Mennie will visit the school to talk to the students about the dangers of speeding and the importance of slowing down.

Nationals Member for Lismore Thomas George said On the Road involves members of the New South Wales cricket team - the RTA SpeedBlitz Blues - travelling to schools and TAFEs around the state to take students through interactive and educational activities that demonstrate the importance of being responsible on the road.

"Educating young drivers on road safety is a priority for the RTA," Mr George said.

"Speeding related crashes continue to be the biggest killer on NSW roads - particularly among young drivers.

"That's why it is important to get out to schools across the state and educate the next batch of drivers about the importance of responsible driving and the need to drive within the speed limit."

Peter Nevill said the team was proud to be out in the community speaking about the importance of safe driving.

"Unfortunately, nearly everyone knows someone who has been involved in a crash," Peter said.

"That's why we are at Lismore High School to help teach young drivers the serious consequences of speeding. We hope leading by example will encourage others to follow."

The On the Road program was launched in 2003 and has seen cricketers visit more than 200 schools around NSW and speak to more than 50,000 students about the consequences of speeding.

Players will be joined by a member of the local police force and an RTA representative who take the students through a series of educational activities including:

NSW Cricketers also support the RTA's Slow Down Pledge: www.slowdownpledge.com.au

The Slow Down Pledge is an initiative encouraging drivers and passengers, through social networking site Facebook, to take the pledge to slow down on the road.

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