The NSW unemployment rate continues to climb and is the highest in mainland Australia with an additional 10,300 people unemployed since last month in our State.

NSW is continuing to drag the chain because of the Keneally Labor Government’s incompetence and failed economic policies and today’s unemployment rates are no exception.

While the national unemployment rate remained steady at 5.4 per cent, the NSW rate experienced the largest increase in the nation and is now at 5.8 per cent.

That’s an extra 10,300 people in NSW who are now without a job since last month.

There is no doubt NSW is continuing to go backwards under the Keneally Labor Government.

Further, figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal NSW also now has the highest female unemployment rate of all Australian States and Territories having risen from 5.4% in March to 6% in April.

Today’s figures mean that NSW is now the worst place in Australia for women to find a job.

With 9,700 women in NSW becoming unemployed in April, compared with a national total of 10,800 women who lost their jobs in the same time.

These figures bear out Labor's attitude to women. Since the 2007 election, there has been three different Ministers’ for Women. This turnover means that no sustained effort can be put into turning around the trend in NSW and supporting the hopes and aspirations of women in this State.

“Women’s concerns with unemployment are on top of the increased costs of child care they face as a result of the Keneally Labor Government’s failure to extract increased Child Care Rebates to make up for the costs of the COAG Early Childhood Reforms.

These unemployment statistics further highlights the importance of the NSW Liberals & Nationals Jobs Action Plan which targets the creation of 100,000 jobs for NSW.

Small businesses need our support in cutting red tape, addressing issues such as energy costs, OH&S, workers compensation and cross border issues.

The NSW Liberals & Nationals are providing the platform for change to make NSW number 1 again.

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