JULY 2010

JULY 2010

Building the Education Revolution

The funds received under the Building the Education Revolution (BER) from the Commonwealth Government has raised many concerns within the various government and non-government schools around our region.

At the core of these concerns is value for money.

Last month I attended the Inquiry into the Building the Education Revolution and as part of my written submission, which was presented to the Inquiry, raised specific concerns, in particular, those of Kyogle Public School.

Kyogle Public School was given $2 million to build a hall that will only seat, at best, half its school population.

They also found out that all tenders, including the accepted tender, have come in $100,000 over budget and cost cutting measures have been implemented to allow construction to begin. As a result a covered walkway was removed from the project as was the promised rainwater tank and solar cogeneration.

These problems were typical of the problems faced by other schools that made presentations at the Inquiry.

Sadly Kyogle School’s experience with the BER is not isolated. The BER Inquiry is hearing from many more schools across NSW who are just as frustrated with the Keneally Labor Government's incompetence in the delivery of this program.

Seniors Broadband Computer Kiosk

Last month I also attended the official opening of the Seniors Broadband Computer Kiosk in Kyogle.

The Kiosk, located at the Kyogle District Care Connections office at 68 Summerland Way, provides a wonderful opportunity for Senior’s to go and learn computing skills, maintain contact with family and friends via e-mail as well as to meet with other people interested in learning about computer technology.

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Kyogle District Care Connections’ President Margaret Armstrong, Manager Frankie Franklin, Client Services Officer Ian Leven and their volunteers and encourage all Seniors to make full use of this fantastic service.

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