Thomas George, Member for Lismore has welcomed a decision by Premier Barry O’Farrell and Roads Minister Duncan Gay to abolish car registration stickers in NSW.

In a move sure to be welcomed by drivers and businesses alike, registration labels will be abolished from 1 January 2013.

“The task of scraping off the old label and affixing the new one will soon be a thing of the past,” Mr George said.

“This simple yet practical move will make life just a bit easier for car and motorbike owners,” said Mr George.

“The cut to red tape will also be of particular benefit to companies with large vehicle fleets, like car rental companies and delivery firms.

With 5.5 million light vehicles registered in NSW, abolishing registration labels will benefit most NSW residents and businesses.

Mr George said the decision was based on the recommendation of the Better Regulation Office and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

It includes all vehicles with a total weight of up to 4.5 tonnes (which accounts for 97 per cent of vehicles registered)

The review found labels were not needed to support compliance and enforcement of vehicle registration and other laws and the presence of a label was not a reliable indicator that a vehicle is registered.

Registration labels cost RMS $575,000 a year to produce. Windscreen labels were introduced in 1932.

Western Australia and South Australia have already abolished registration labels.

“Recent technological developments in police and RMS technology means police still will be able to check if a car’s registration is out of date,” said Mr George.

“The police have number plate recognition technology so if you choose to drive an unregistered and uninsured car – you will be caught.

“Vehicle owners will continue to receive notifications from the Roads and Maritime Services and from CTP insurers reminding them to renew their registration and insurance,” Mr George said.

Motorists can also easily check the status of their vehicle registration using the RMS online Free Registration Check service at

After 1 January 2013, it will no longer be an offence for light vehicles to not display a registration label or to display an expired or damaged label.

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