A comprehensive guide to immunisation, emphasising the important role parents can play in the fight against serious diseases, has been produced by Nationals Member for Lismore, Thomas George.

The booklet, titled “Immunisation Saves Lives”, is a community initiative which will be distributed throughout the Lismore Electorate.

Recent statistics show areas in and around the Lismore Electorate have some of the lowest rates of immunisation. It is known that 95 per cent immunisation coverage is needed for effective disease control.

The booklet is an informative guide to several diseases which threaten the health of children and adults who are not immunised.

There is also an updated immunisation schedule which is recommended parents follow to protect their children against the risk of harmful diseases.

Immunisation is recommended for children – from newborns to adolescents – at various stages of their lives, and is fully explained in the booklet’s easy-to-read schedule.

Mr George said the guide provided important information on diseases and immunisation.

He said it was widely recognised, and supported by health professionals, that the benefits of immunisation far outweighed the low risks of vaccination.

“We all want what is best for our families,” Mr George said.

“As adults, we have a responsibility to ensure children are given the best chance to grow and develop.

“We can do that by making sure the immunisation schedule for children is followed. Immunisation has saved many lives and will continue to do so if parents remain vigilant and keep their children’s schedules updated.”

Mr George said it was important to give children the best possible start to life.

“Immunisation helps children stay healthy … it prevents serious infections,” he said.

“We must all work together to protect our children.”

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