Minister for Natural Resources, Land and Water Kevin Humphries and Member for Lismore Thomas George today encouraged residents in the Northern Rivers to provide feedback on the replacement of the Coopers Creek water sharing plan.

Mr Humphries said the Coopers Creek water sharing plan is one of 17 coastal plans and 14 inland plans the NSW Government is replacing across the State.

“As part of the consultation process for the replacement of the Coopers Creek Water Sharing Plan, Water NSW will be contacting all licence holders by mail highlighting the review and replacement and inviting comment,” Mr Humphries said.

“I would like to encourage the community to get involved in the consultation process and make a comment to ensure their concerns are addressed in the amended plan.

“Once finalised, this water sharing plan will set the rules for how water will be shared, providing certainly to water dependant businesses and the environment.”

Mr Humphries said a review of NSW water sharing plans by the Natural Resources Commission and Water NSW had suggested a number of changes to all 31 plans.

“These reviews focused on the water sharing rules and practicality of implementation of this first round of plans,” Mr Humphries said.

“I have accepted the advice from both organisations to replace all plans to some extent.

“While the 31 plans will be replaced, the inland plans will need to be replaced again before 2019 to be accredited under the Basin Plan.”

Mr George said the Coopers Creek water sharing plan was developed in the first round of water sharing plans ten years ago and is due to expire in July 2015.

“The replacement process for the Coopers Creek water sharing plan included a review of the cease to pump rules, a review of its environmental provisions and the merging of this plan with the existing Richmond Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sharing Plan will simplify the implementation of water sharing rules in the Richmond catchment,” Mr George said.

The public consultation period will run from 19 January to 27 February 2015.

More information about the replacement of the Coopers Creek Water Sharing plan and schedule for public consultation can be obtained from Julie Lovell, NSW Office of Water on (02) 6561 4972.

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