THE Nationals’ Member for Lismore, Thomas George, will demand that the Northern Rivers to come first as part of the NSW Nationals’ $25 million commitment to address mobile coverage blackspots in rural and regional areas.

“All country people understand the dangers and frustrations that the lack of mobile coverage in smaller communities cause.

“The Lismore electorate is huge, so all of us know the frustration of dropping in and out of coverage as we travel around.

“This is why I was so excited that The Nationals’ Leader, Troy Grant, yesterday announced $25 million to address blackspots if The Nationals are re-elected.

“NSW Labor Governments never supplemented the Federal Government’s mobile phone blackspot programs. Troy Grant’s announcement means that, for the first time, a NSW Government will boost the Federal blackspots program.

“We have a great need for mobile coverage upgrades in this part of the world and I believe the Northern Rivers should go to the top of the list. The only way to ensure that happens is that you are in government, banging the table to get what people in Lismore need.

“We must come first.

“We’ve done a lot in four years. And if The Nationals and I are re-elected on March 28, I will work damn hard to make sure our services are prioritised and upgraded.

“With your support we can rid our region of the danger and frustration a lack our mobile coverage causes, and that’s something worth voting for” Mr George said.

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Office: 55 Carrington Street  LISMORE
Postal: PO Box 52  LISMORE  NSW  2480
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