Member for Lismore Thomas George MP has welcomed the boost in allowances available to isolated families for 2016 whose children need to undertake secondary study away from home.

The base allowance rate for the Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA) will be $2,000, a 40 per cent increase. Additionally, Year 11 and 12 isolated students are offered a supplementation of $460, up from $334 this year.

“Some parents raising children in rural and remote NSW have to travel enormous distances to get to a secondary school. Increasing the LAFHA recognises this challenge and provides support,” Mr George said.

“The LAFHA provides an opportunity to many families to broaden educational options when they live too far away from a secondary school to attend on a daily basis.”

The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government initiated the review of the LAFHA at the request of the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association.

“The rebasing of the LAFHA now better reflects education costs against the consumer price index,” Mr George said.

“The allowance will continue to be means tested so that the basic and supplementary payments can better support those who need it most.”

LAFHA is available to students who are boarding, to attend public and non-government secondary schools and live in excess of 48 kilometres away.

Details of the allowance and application procedures are available on the Department’s website: or by calling the Rural and Distance Education Team on 02 6334 8070.

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Office: 55 Carrington Street  LISMORE
Postal: PO Box 52  LISMORE  NSW  2480
Telephone: 1800 336 166 or 02 6621 3624
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