Member for Lismore Thomas George said the release of the NSW Government’s Right to Farm Policy means farmers right across the electorate, can get on with their core business without interference from other land users.

“This policy has been developed to address the growing pressures and/or conflicts pertaining to land use that arise between farmers and their neighbours,” MP said.

It supports farmers to exercise their ‘right to farm’, to the extent of that which is lawful.”

The purpose of the right to farm policy is to reinforce the legal rights, roles and responsibilities of farmers, land holders, the community and Government, and to explain what all parties can do to address the issue of land use conflict.

The policy will also work actively with Local Government and the Department of Planning and Environment to establish better land use planning strategies for local governments.

The policy does not seek ‘right to farm’ legislation, however over the next two years, data related to land use complaints will be collected, and if the data presents a strong case for a legislative response, that option will then be considered.

This is about informing farmers of their current legal rights and responsibilities, with the aim of reducing land use conflicts.

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