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The Premierís Volunteer Recognition Program has the potential to recognise the more than two million volunteers in NSW. The Program has two recognition streams, youth and adult, and different levels of recognition for time spent volunteering.

The NSW Government acknowledges the immense benefits of volunteering, and how vital it is to support volunteering across the State.

Students are able to log their volunteering achievements on the Up2Now website, which also allows students to tailor resumes to demonstrate their experiences to prospective employers and in other applications, such as for university courses.

Students who participate in this program are eligible for certificates to recognise their volunteering which can help build a comprehensive resume when seeking employment. All students who log their volunteering time requirements will receive a Premierís Volunteer Recognition Program certificate at the end of 2016.

More information on the Premierís Volunteer Recognition Program for students can be found via the Shape Your Future NSW Facebook page, and the NSW Volunteering website

More money has been announced for the NSW Elder Abuse Helpline and Resource Unit, which has already received more than 4,000 calls since it was created three years ago.

The NSW Government has provided an additional $60,000 to expand Ďtrain the trainerí program, as well as offer to support more research into the prevalence of elder abuse in Australia.

The NSW Elder Abuse Helpline and Resource Unit is a confidential, free service that provides information, advice and referrals.

The Helpline was a key initiative of the first NSW Ageing Strategy and has received more than $2 million in NSW Government support since it was created in March 2013.

If you see or hear something that isnít right, tell someone or call the Elder Abuse Helpline on 1800 628 221.

For more information, go to

Regulations applying to the sale of properties with swimming pools will take effect from 29 April 2016.

New amendments to the regulations will give home buyers of properties with swimming pools 90 days to rectify non-compliant swimming pool barriers.

Unfortunately, with up to 95 per cent of swimming pools barriers failing a first inspection, many homebuyers may be unknowingly purchasing homes with non-compliant swimming pool barriers.

From 29 April 2016, vendors will need to attach to the contract of sale a Certificate of Compliance, or a Certificate of Non-Compliance outlining what needs to be fixed.

Fully-informed homebuyers will be empowered to negotiate a purchase price that takes the cost of compliance into account. Councils can issue fines to owners if pool barriers that are found to be non-compliant.

The NSW Government has previously announced that, from 29 April 2016, every new tenancy application to the Residential Tenancy Tribunal must have a compliance certificate if the property has a swimming pool.

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