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The SkillsLink2Work website and toolkit was recently launched.

This new website will help carers recognise that the skills they have gained from caring for a loved one can be useful when re-entering the paid workforce.

Carers make a priceless contribution to our society and economy and the Government is committed to supporting them.

Carers bring valuable skills and experience to workplaces and I encourage those carers who may be thinking about getting paid work to use this website to see how their skills can lead to opportunities in paid employment.

For more information about SkillsLink2Work

NSW is home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife and natural environments as well as innovative and productive farmers.

Everyone agrees we need to look after our environment. That’s why we need to work together to protect the land and animals we value. The current system doesn’t deliver for the environment and doesn’t give farmers the support they need to conserve and protect their land.

The NSW Government is proposing reforms to land management and conservation that will benefit farmers and the environment.

Farmers are frontline custodians of our environment. These reforms give farmers the flexibility to make decisions about the land that is their livelihood and produces our food and fibre, while helping them protect our environment. We will support farmers by giving them incentives to conserve their land, while encouraging them to remain world leaders in innovative farming practices.

This will be backed by record investment in private land conservation and the Saving Our Species program.

Further information can be found at - Public consultation ends 28 June.

Parents and carers can now go online and check that private tutors and coaches are safe to work with their children.

A Working With Children Check clearance means a person is permitted to work with children in NSW.

As their ‘employer’, a parent has a legal responsibility to check their tutor’s name, date of birth and WWCC number to ensure they have been cleared.

If you suspect that an adult is providing services to children without a WWCC you can also make a confidential report to the Office of the Children’s Guardian.

For more info visit:

Contact Details:

Office: 55 Carrington Street  LISMORE
Postal: PO Box 52  LISMORE  NSW  2480
Telephone: 1800 336 166 or 02 6621 3624
Facsimile: 02 6622 1403  Email:

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