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A reminder about the $2,000 Small Business Employment incentive is a grant which provides up to $2,000 for non-payroll small businesses when they hire new employees, thus encouraging small businesses in New South Wales to expand their business.

The grant applies to new positions filled on or after 1 July 2015 and will continue until 30 June 2019 and is payable after the first anniversary of the hire of a new employee. For further information on the grant and eligibility criteria, please visit:

The NSW Government is proposing to reduce red tape for charities, churches, clubs and businesses wanting to run community lotteries and trade promotions to raise money and awareness for their organisations.

Feedback on the idea is being sought through a discussion paper that proposes changes to the Lotteries and Art Unions Act to modernise regulations on everything from chocolate wheels at school fetes to art unions with prizes of multi-million dollar homes.

The proposed model will bring NSW into line with other jurisdictions by separating community lotteries from trade promotions and dividing them into two categories, meaning:

The proposed changes will provide time and financial savings for those organisations that will no longer need a permit.

Submissions to the review came be made until Friday 26 August. To comment or for more information, visit:

The NSW Government has announced $2 million to a program which supports former police officers and their families. The BACKUP for Life program links injured officers and their families with tailored support programs that address the after-effects of trauma. Many former officers carry physical and mental scars for many years after their policing career is over. BACKUP for Life also supports former police officers adjust to a civilian lifestyle and find new jobs.

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