Regional NSW has been responsible for almost all regional jobs growth across the nation over the past year, according to ABS data recently released.

Official figures showed that 29,400 jobs were added outside Sydney in the 12 months to July. NSW accounted for almost 90 per cent of the total regional jobs added across Australia in the past year.

Regional jobs growth in NSW has dominated the national result, which is outstanding and once again demonstrates the economic strength of our State.

Jobs growth in regional NSW was more than three times the result in regional Victoria, while the number of regional jobs fell in Queensland and Western Australia, such as Richmond-Tweed, with 7,300 jobs added (an increase of 7.2 per cent).

I am very pleased to see women in regional NSW are securing jobs at record rates according to new data from the Department of Industry that shows 37,000 women secured work in the year to July 2016 (12 month moving average), compared to an average of 9,500 a year over recent years.

The results also show employment participation rates for women in regional NSW in July 2016 reached 55.4 per cent, well above the long run average of 52.1 per cent.

This is fantastic news for women in regional NSW and it demonstrates that the growth weíre seeing in regional economies is also driving more access to paid work for women - a factor vital to economic and social independence.

The NSW Government is working hard to increase the number of women in well-paid jobs that have traditionally been performed by men.

The Government is ensuring that we invest in our regions so that the benefits of this economic strength are experienced right across the State.

Regional NSW continues to benefit from the Governmentís investment in infrastructure and providing access to skills and training which leads to jobs.

The Governmentís latest investment of $17.8 million in not-for-profit community education providers will ensure that thousands of regional, remote and disadvantaged learners gain access formal education and training.

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