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Happy Australia Day to everyone.

Australia Day is a special day for all Australians, as we come together to celebrate what is great about our nation – our rich history and our promising future.

Today let's celebrate all the great things about Australia. It is a day to reflect on our national journey; acknowledge our past, rejoice in the present and look confidently to our future.

Those in the region who have been nominated for awards on Australia Day including businesses, community groups and volunteers, I congratulate you on your extraordinary feats and dedication.

FACS is awarding more than 200 students in Year 10, 11 and 12 at school or TAFE $1,000 to help with school expenses.

Scholarships are open to students who are receiving housing assistance from FACS, community housing providers or Aboriginal housing, or who are in Out of Home Care. The $1,000 scholarship can be put toward school expenses like textbooks and course fees or practical supports like child care and internet access.

Twenty recipients will also be eligible to receive both a scholarship and mentoring. Entries close at 7pm on Friday, 24 February 2017.

Visit for more information and to apply online.

Did you know if you represent NSW in a competitive field (eg. sport, music, the arts or academic), either nationally or internationally, you can be nominated for a State Representative Certificate.

Nominations are made through my office.

Further information can be found at –…/aw…/awards_for_community_service

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Telephone: 1800 336 166 or 02 6621 3624
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