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I welcome last week’s landmark agreement of the NSW-Queensland ‘Statement of Principles and Priorities for Regional Collaboration 2016-19’.

This is fantastic news for people living and working on both sides of the border and will greatly assist in the resolution of long standing border anomalies.

Governments will be tasked to address issues on a project-by-project basis in four key areas; regional economic development, alignment of services and sharing of information, local transport and issues of national significance.

It provides for better recognition of teacher registration and accreditation, joint planning and response to emergencies, and the integration of cross-border bus services and point-to-point transport.

A very important component of the agreement is the opportunity to better share information with interstate government agencies to ensure the protection of children and victims of domestic violence.

The whole of the north-west boundary of the Lismore electorate is the Queensland border, so this is great news for those townships and rural areas - better cross border communication will make a positive difference to the lives of people who are living, working and running businesses both sides of the border.

I thank Cross Border Commissioner James McTavish and former Commissioner Steve Toms for their work in making this a reality.

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