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I am calling for nominations for the 2017 NSW Seniors Local Achievement Awards. Seniors help make our local community stronger and better and are valued and respected members of our community.

The NSW Seniors Local Achievement Awards are an opportunity to thank a senior for everything they do.

Whether it is volunteering for a charity, lending a helping hand to a local sporting club or caring for a loved one, older Australians do so much to make our families and communities stronger.

The 2017 NSW Seniors Local Achievement Awards will celebrate seniors’ achievements in a range of categories, including business, environment, science, agriculture, health and wellbeing, learning and community service.

Nominations for the 2017 NSW Seniors Local Achievement Awards are open from Monday 20 February – Tuesday 28 February. They will be presented as part of NSW Seniors Festival, held 3 – 12 March.

Contact my office for a nomination form. For more information, go to

Also as part of the NSW Seniors Festival the Premier’s Seniors Gala Concerts will be held at the new International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour. Four concerts will be staged over two days - Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 March 2017 (12.45pm & 4.00pm both days).

If you are interested in attending, please contact my office for a free ticket.

I encourage public reserve managers to apply for a share of the $15 million available under the NSW Government’s Public Reserves Management Fund Program (PRFM) to improve and develop more public spaces for the community to enjoy.

The 2017/18 PRMF program is part of an annual program of grants and loans from the NSW Government to assist public reserve managers to develop, maintain and protect important public assets including showgrounds and community halls, local parks and reserves and caravan parks.

Crown reserve holiday parks, local parks and reserves, state parks and showgrounds on Crown land will be eligible for funding, along with freehold showgrounds and schools of arts.

Applications close Friday 24 March. For more information go to

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