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Last week saw the activation of a $2.1 million Community Recovery Fund to further support communities affected by the North Coast Floods that occurred from 28 March 2017.

Many communities across the North Coast of NSW are still dealing with the impacts of the March floods and it has become clear that further support is needed to help with their recovery.

A significant component of the Community Recovery Fund will go to mental health support and community engagement initiatives to help people affected by the floods get back on their feet. There is also funding to support the recovery of the local economy, including for a tourism and marketing campaign to let people know the region is open for business again.

The digital age has brought us closer together, but thatís not always a good thing. Too often, an image captured in a private moment is being used as a means of embarrassment, coercion and even blackmail. That must end.

From last week, it is now an offence for people who record or share intimate images without consent, with up to three years jail and a fine of as much as $11,000. The same penalties apply to those who threaten to distribute such images.

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