Locals choose candidates for Community Preselction

Three locals – Austin Curtin, Peter Petty and Andrew Gordon – were selected on Saturday by grassroots National Party members to contest the Lismore Community preselection in November. The highly anticipated process, which gives the community the ultimate say on who represents them, was strongly contested, with six strong candidates putting their hand up for preselection.

Nationals Member for Lismore Thomas George was delighted that three locals from the region were selected to contest the community preselection in November, all of whom have lifelong ties to the area.

“Community preselection is unique to the National Party and gives the membership and locals a direct say on who they want to represent them,” he said.

“As the Member for Lismore since 1999, I am proud to see our local membership leading the way on this truly democratic process where the community will have the final say on who they want to represent them.”

Thomas George congratulated all the candidates involved and noted the strength of the field.

“I would have been honoured to work with any of the candidates and look forward to continuing to work with Austin, Peter and Andrew.”

The three candidates are:

All candidates were able to address the room for 10 minutes, with 10 minutes of questions. The top three candidates, confirmed by the results of a secret ballot, will now proceed to the community pre-selection stage.

Mr George re-iterated that it was really up to the community to have the final say.

“I encourage the community to get to know Austin, Peter and Andrew and am proud to work with all three in the community preselection process,” he said.

“I know whoever is successful in November when the community gets to have the final say will be a true representative of the Lismore Electorate, and will continue fighting for this wonderful region and its people like I have been privileged to do for the past 18 years.”

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